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Erosion of Tangko (2018)

The presence of a race that is not generally considered ‘Indian’ in mainland Indian spaces

often conjures up micro-aggressions (which are often prejudiced) in the majority and which

progresses into a superiority complex, and thus it further alienates the minority, almost as if,

the minority has to fit in a certain ‘box’ to exist in these kind of spaces. Why does anybody

have to normalize their existence? The main question the choreographer tries to explore is

how does a body that is subjugated to so much of bigotry responds? The most stable thing

about any culture is considered to be its instability, so why fix it and name it? What happens

if the State decides to change the culture and claim it? Does anything exist as it appears to

be? The work looks at this process of assimilation like the process of abrasion, culture being

scrubbed ‘clean’ and made presentable and how every part of this ‘culture’ that appears to

belong to us, actually does not exist at all. This piece uses a folktale as a metaphor and tries

to investigate the preconceptions and the bias evident in the populace.

Choreographer/Performer: Aseng Borang

Visual Artist: Venas Thokchom


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