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Aseng Borang is a multifaceted artist, being a dance practitioner, choreographer, and writer. Her artistic approach encompasses a wide range of elements, including the body, objects, landscape, performative text, yoga, pole dance, and contemporary movement techniques. Her embodied practice draws inspiration from both her daily life and the ongoing political dynamics surrounding her female identity.


As a choreographer, Aseng's creations delve into the exploration of the physical and subjective body within the realms of resistance, vulnerability, fragility, absurdity, and self-assertion. Despite the specificity of context in Aseng's work, there is a prevailing sense of quietude and playfulness. Her pieces eschew definitive statements, opting instead to engage with and provoke questions. Notably, Aseng received the Prakriti Excellence Contemporary Dance Award 2018 (PECDA) for her work, "The Chinky Express comes to town." In 2019, she participated in CAMPING in Paris, France, facilitated by lnstitut Francais India, and was granted the Residency Travel Grant (Performing Arts – Choreography 2019-20) from Serendipity Arts Foundation. In 2023, she was invited to London for the 'Performance as Process' Residency at the Delfina Foundation.


Her artistic journey includes participation and presentations at significant events such as the Tanzplan Dance Education Biennale at Kampnagel 2020 in Hamburg, Germany, Serendipity Arts Festival Goa 2022, Attakalari Ligament Volume, Khoj, Pro Helvetia, PECDA Festival Bangalore 2022, Delfina Foundation, Pickle Dance Factory and Camping Asia Taipei 2023. Academically, Aseng holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and completed her Master’s degree in Performance Practice (Dance) from Ambedkar University Delhi. In November 2021, she founded STUDIO YINGKO in her hometown, Roing, Arunachal Pradesh. This organization is dedicated to involving local communities in the processes of movement and dance creation. Additionally, Aseng is a member of Khuli Khirkee, an independent artist community based in Delhi.

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