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For what it reveals and for what it withdraws (2017)

The perception of physical phenomena changes depending on the position of the observer.

What we see and know depends on how we see and know it. For each eye, the knowledge is

the altered through the medium. What grants, and how, to sense the imperceptible? Does it

allow to see the pure in mundane and the prosaic in profound? Can it grasp boundless truths

in the smallest of things?

The dancer moves around the varying lengths of veil and the spaces in between, like a game

of the optics. The perception is guided in a regulated course, scattered feet, idle hands, erect

backs, employing the motifs of repetition and seriality. The negative spaces in between the

veils supply an expected view, permitting the onlooker to experience the veiled practices of

the choreography.

Choregrapher and Dancer: Aseng Borang

Visual Artist: Venus Thokchom


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