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You Should Stop Making Art and Become an Instagram Model (2020)

Foto: Simone Scardovelli

‘Make work about beautiful trees and remain happy. Create the alternative but only in

conventional approaches. You are not an artist, you are a criminal. Your work was violent, it

hurt my position as a white audience. The chair is not yours, this does not belong to you. We

will not give up our seat. You cannot sit on the chair but you can sit on my lap. You should

stop making art and become an Instagram model.’

The work takes a cynical view on the audience’s viewing and experiencing expectations. The

calculations of ‘good work’ or ‘bad work’ and the expectancy of pleasure is cross examined.

The witnesses are asked to actively participate in the questioning. It uses the setting of a

theatre and reverses the positions of the performer and the audience. An ‘opinionated’ body

moves through the seats designated for the audience, the body is loud, explicit and considers

herself to be good at giving ‘advise’.

The work-in-progress was developed under the mentorship of Sebastian Matthias under the

Technologies of Interaction / MA mentoring program Dance Biennial in Hamburg, Germany



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